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Hair Extensions Solihull

Submitted by on September 25, 2012 – 9:54 pm
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Looking for Hair Extensions in Solihull?


****UPDATE: Aesthetics Solihull now uses Great Lengths Hair Extensions. Find our more about Great Lengths HERE**


Guest post: Traditionally hair extensions have got quite a bad reputation.

Partly because of the horror stories you hear about a friend of a friend of a friend who had them all fall out / go frizzy / tangle up (delete as appropriate), partly because of the glamour-model / TOWIE association, and partly because of the cheap and tacky hair extensions clipped in badly and worn by the majority of the teenage population. Add into this the rumours that their ‘high maintenance’ and you can see why people are put off.

Now there’s nothing wrong with looking like a glamour model, being from Essex or being a teenager, but if you’re a grown woman who just, quite simply, wants longer hair, thicker hair or both, then the stories and the stereotypical looks that seem to go hand-in-hand with hair extensions can make you think twice about them quicker than you can say ‘sleek bob’.

I love long hair, but my hair seems to give up all attempts of growing as soon as it gets sight of my shoulders So, from the age of 16 I’ve gone from very short cropped hair (like less than an inch long) to chin-length hair, to past the shoulders, to some where in-between crop and bob and back to chin-length bob, which is where I’ve stayed for the past three years and where everyone says ‘it really suits you.’ I’ve used clip-in hair extensions on a few occasions but because you can never be sure to place them in exactly the same spot they can’t really be cut to frame your face, therefore never totally suiting me.

But this year, as I approached my third decade I decided long hair was what I wanted and long hair I would have. And, I figured the reason it never suited me long before was because it lost all volume and thickness making my oval /long face look thinner, so with added luscious locks that wouldn’t be a problem!

Aesthetics has been doing my hair for the last four years, so I booked a consultation with their resident hair extension expert, Paula, where we discussed salon visits, maintenance, after-care, holiday hair-care etc. There wasn’t anything that surprised me and nothing that put me off.

In a nutshell these are the top things you need to know about hair extensions:

  1. Aesthetics use Racoon Euro hair. This provides the ultimate in hair quality and feels divine and as natural as your own hair. By using high quality 100% human hair it can be washed, curled, straightened, coloured and even permed!
  2. High maintenance? That depends on what you’re currently used to. With short hair I had to wash and blow dry it every day, so to me hair extensions are actually less high maintenance as it’s recommended you only wash your hair every two to three days
  3. If you’re a water baby and swim regularly then you will need to think carefully about having them as chlorine and / or salt water can have an affect on the hair colour and the bonds.
  4. You can brush hair extensions from root to end, you just have to use a special Racoon brush so the bonds don’t get damaged.

So I was sold and booked in a whole afternoon of Paula’s time ready for the transformation to begin. Before ordering my hair Paula made sure the colour of my own hair had settled, once she was happy the Racoon hair was ordered.

On the big day my own hair was thoroughly washed to make sure it was as ‘naked’ as possible to ensure the bonds of the extensions stayed in place, then the process began. One thing I had heard was that it takes a whole day to have them fitted, but from start to finish I was in the salon for about four hours which I didn’t think was that bad at all. The extensions were bonded to my hair using special glue and applied in layers from the nape of my neck to about two thirds up.

Here is me before the extensions and here is me immediately after.

hair extensions solihull

Hair extensions solihull

I chose 18” length hair,  but you can get longer lengths if you wanted. I loved the extensions and loved the feel of them, but style-wise I had an image in my head that I wanted to achieve, but I had to wait for that as the bonds need time to settle. Once the application was completed I wasn’t allowed to wash my hair for 48 hours and I could have gone back to Aesthetics for the first wash if I wanted, but I felt confident enough to give it a go.

I made sure I had plenty of time for my first hair extensions wash and blow dry at home and found it no problem whatsoever.

 Main things when it comes to washing and drying at home are:

  • Use specialist products such as Pureology’s range which is sulphate free or Racoon’s special hair care range
  • Use zig-zag motion when washing rather than rubbing. This means you can get the hair on the scalp and in-between the bonds clean without damaging the bond.
  • Condition the mid-lengths and ends, but not the roots.
  • Don’t brush the hair when wet, but carefully use a wide toothed combs on mid length to ends
  • Whether you want to let your hair dry naturally or you want to style it you need to dry the bonds / roots.
  • Use the special Racoon brush to brush hair when dry, other brushes can’t be used on the bonds as it will catch and weaken them.

Once my extensions had settled in I had it trimmed to the length I wanted, layered around my face and styled with big rollers to give it volume.  So I’m now coming up to eight weeks with my luscious locks and am getting on grand.

I wash my whole head every three days and in-between washes I either use dry shampoo, tie it back or wash just the fringe and crown of my hair. I use a spray bottle of water to dampen the ends if I want to freshen it up without washing or if I want to go from straight to curled / vice versa.

Here are some tips on what I do to manage my hair extensions:

  • To avoid my hair getting knotty I tie it in a pony tail on top of my head at night, or a loose plait.
  • I’ve been swimming once so far and tied it in a pony on top of my head and avoided getting my hair wet. Afterwards I washed it to make sure that any chlorine that may have got to it was washed out.
  • I carry my Racoon brush with me at all times to keep my hair knot-free and looking good.
  • I’ve used styling products and tools on my hair and they’ve all worked fine. I particularly like putting it in large Velcro rollers to give a bit of glam for a special occasion.
  • I run my fingers through the roots /bonds a couple of times a day to make sure they’re not getting tangled.
  • I pat my wet hair to get rid of excess water and never rub.
  • I’m booked in every four – six weeks with Aesthetics for a maintenance appointment

Final things you should know:

  1. You will malt / shed hair – especially in the first two weeks of having them applied. This is because they need to settle in and because any loose hair that hasn’t been caught properly in the bond will come loose and fall out – it’s just part of the process as your hair settles
  2. You will lose bonds – Paula said it’s common for people to lose around six or seven bonds in the first two to four weeks. I have noticed only one bond come loose and that was in week four.
  3. It’s real hair and therefore needs to be looked after just like your own. Look after it and you’ll love having your hair extensions.

For any questions on Hair Extensions in Solihull just book a consultation in with Paula at Aesthetics by calling 0121 707 8866.



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